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Our Facilities

World Class Facilities

  School facilities impact student experiences and outcomes in profound ways and play a major role in their learning journey.

 Global English School - Calicut Campus has been designed considering the importance of Sustainable Environment and Nature loving.

 An Outstanding Campus with World Class Facility Focusing on highest standards of health and safety standards, the campus includes expansive and flexible spaces for free movement, personalized learning spaces, Sports, Music, Dance and Activity Studios.

 Promoting and enabling experiential learning & STEAM Education - Robotics and AI / AR technology integration that allows for learning beyond the school day in a Sustainable Green school environment with Organic Farming.

What we offer


"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". The vast ges playground beckons students to develop their skills and talents in various sports.


A whole new world opens before our students in our labs and library. The practical experience of learning and acquiring knowledge molds the student to.


Power houses of knowledge are what our spacious air-conditioned classrooms are, ensuring maximum comfort for our students thus making learning a pleasure.


A home away from home is what GES are in the serene and secure ambiance. Safety is our no.1 priority and we make no compromises


A healthy body ensures a healthy mind as the saying goes. Ges school canteen serves nutrition-packed delicious meals in the spacious dining hall creating.


Punctuality and responsibility coupled with fun are what traveling in our school buses provides our students. Our fleet of Buses offer prompt services reducing.