Scheme Of Education

We follow the internationally accepted Cambridge International Curriculum (CIE) at all levels, which focuses on a practical and application level approach to subjects and languages.

The Cambridge Primary curriculum frameworks identify a comprehensive set of learning objectives for English, Mathematics and Science for each year of primary education, which:

Provide a natural progression through the six years of primary education

Provide a valuable structure that focuses on what children should be able to do at each of the primary stages

Islamic Studies and Holy Qur’an will be taught to Muslims and Moral Science to Non-Muslim students.

Special coaching is offered to bring up the slow learners to the required level. For gifted children, special enrichment programs are organized to excel in their field of interest.

Continuous monitoring and assessment of each student’s class work will be done to see that the child is making progress. Lapses will be notified to the parent and remedial action will be taken. Reports about the performance, both academic as well as behavioral will be made to the parents periodically.

When students finish Key stages ,there will be formal tests.

After level 9, students are prepared for the external IGCSE examinations.

There will be regular internal assessment in the first and second semesters and end of year examinations in March.

The school closes for two months for the summer vacation in April & May.

Detailed programs and other holidays are listed in the school calendar.