Montessori House of Children


Global English School combines the best of Pre-School education with the fastest-growing methods of the world renowned Montessori education.

At GLOBAL MONTESSORI HOUSE OF CHILDREN, you will find independent children who are encouraged not only to do things for themselves but also to think for themselves. You will find children who have learnt how to explore and solve problems for themselves.

Global English School combines the best of Pre-School education with the fastest-growing methods of world renowned Montessori education.

We begin at the grass root level with an aim of building up the young generation and fine tuning them to become successful individuals in the competitive world of the new order. As a result of our relentless efforts coupled with in-depth research and carved out of our expertise and experiences, few innovations are added like value education, language skills, introduction of vernacular language materials, practical life exercises to suit the regional conditions, parent interaction programs and involvement, outdoor activities etc.

The goals of our Montessori education include encouraging the child to become self-directed and challenged, to stimulate the physical, emotional, intellectual and social growth of the child while developing creativity and a positive self-image, provide a warm and accepting environment in which each child feels secure, respected, and loved, to provide a framework of discipline through which a child can develop self-discipline and personal strength, to awaken their interest in all subjects and to encourage in them a love of learning.

Our Montessori rooms are carefully designed with multi-sensory materials that invite children to touch, think, experience and learn. Within this prepared environment, great care is taken to lead the child through successive levels of educational activities.

Montessori is an approach to working with children that is carefully based on what we’ve learned about children’s cognitive, neurological and emotional development from several decades of research. We focus on teaching for understanding.